My mom wanted a miniature bathroom scene to hang on the wall in her "real" bathroom at home.  She didn't want anything fancy; just a very plain, simple scene.  Since there weren't any whistles and bells, this project only took a couple of weeks to complete.  My husband once again made the box that houses the scene.  Very few handmade articles were used; just about everything you see has been bought.  And although you see a light above the mirror, there is no electricity in this roombox; to date, it's the only miniature project I've made without electricity.  Yet another reason why this was a quick project!

Edit 1/2/08:  I've completed a second bathroom scene.  "Bathroom Scene II" can be found here.

"Bathroom Scene I" was featured in the
February 2008 issue of American Miniaturist

Check out "Bathroom Scene II" here!

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